All entry requests will be considered by the MYCS committee.  

Until you receive a final letter of confirmation, your registration will not be considered valid.  Once your registration becomes valid, you will be required to pay the fees as listed registration fees page.  Registration fees are non-refundable.  

Under 20 m, can only be accepted to the show by the decision of Yacht Charter Show Committee.

The pre-show registration cut-off date is 12 April, 2018.  Registration together with full payment is required by this date in order for a yacht to be included in the official MYCS  booklet.

If you would like to have your yacht featured in the show catalogue, you must have registered your yacht with the MYCS committee by 12 April at the latest.

Important Notes For Yachts:  

  1. A yacht is not considered registered until a registration form has been received, reviewed and accepted by the MYCS committee.
  2. In deciding the suitability of the yacht requesting registration, it may be necessary for a committee member to inspect the yacht and/or seek references.
  3. Once confirmation of your registration has been received, you will have 3 working days in which to make the payment of the entry fee.  If payment is not received within this period, your registration offer will lapse.
  4. In the case of cancellation by a yacht, regardless of the reason, a refund cannot be provided.




All yachts entering the show shall do so in a show-ready manner. Even if you have joined the MYCS in recent years, it is advised that you review each of these important points:

All maintenance and repairs are to have been completed prior to the commencement of the show.  Under no circumstances will yachts who fail to adhere to this requirement be allowed to partake in the show. This will result in full forfeiture of any fees paid.

Boat dockage positions will be determined by members of the MYCS committee according to actual yacht dimensions and therefore, no discourse shall be entered into.  

Yachts not adhering to the organising committee’s instructions for dockage will be excluded from participating in the show and any fees paid will be forfeited. 

Organisation committee members and their assistants cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage occurred during the time of dockage and throughout the duration of the show.   

At the commencement of each show day, the yacht shall be presented in "ready-for-charter" condition.  Accordingly, crew shall be properly uniformed.

No part of the yacht shall be set aside for private use or unavailable for inspection.  Agents inspecting yachts are entitled to see all areas of the yacht, as they may require.  This includes crew areas, galley, engine room and storage areas.

No single cabin on a yacht shall be set aside for the owner's accommodation or for guests' accommodation during the show. 

Only crew members shall be present on board during the hours of inspection.  Owners shall not be present on their yacht during inspection hours, but will be welcome to join in on social events.

All yachts entering the show are required to stay in their designated places until the closing of the show.  Early withdrawal from the show is only acceptable on the condition that the yacht's captain or agent informs the MYCS committee of their intention, giving notice of the intended departure date at least one week prior to the commencement of the show.

For the duration of the show, private functions, such as lunches and dinners, and any visits by private guests, are not permitted.

At the commencement of the show, it is the individual yacht captain's responsibility to go and acquire their yacht's own “Show Information Folder" from the reception desk.  This folder includes all of the information pertaining to the show program and the list of participants.

For the duration of the show, it is required that at least one member of the yacht's crew shall speak a foreign language, with the preference being English.  If this crew member is hired for this purpose only and will fill this role temporarily, this fact shall be made known to all agents who come on board.

It is required that the yacht's official representative is made known to visiting agents in a clear and concise manner.  If the yacht has an owner and is "independent", then it shall be announced as such.  Likewise, if the yacht is managed by a company or by a Central Agent, these details shall be made available.

Price lists presented for collection on board each yacht shall be set out in such a way as to include the standard, internationally accepted percentage of commission.  Terms and conditions shall also be set out in a standardised format so that visiting agents receive a uniform style of data.



Under no circumstances should unregistered agents be permitted to board and inspect yachts.  Should the situation arise where an agent who has not registered and is not wearing the official show ID attempts to board a yacht, the yacht's captain or crew is asked to inform the committee immediately.  It is the captain and crew's responsibility to ensure that only registered agents with official show ID are allowed on board for inspections.  Should they fail to uphold this long-standing requirement, there will be significant consequences.

Where locally-based individual yachts and company-associated yachts that are unregistered are within the vicinity ( i.e. moored at a nearby marina or swinging at anchor in the bay), under no circumstances shall these yachts be open for inspection by agents attending the show.  Where it can be shown that there has been a breach of this rule, yachts and/or yacht's official agents run the risk of being barred from entry to any future shows.

It is to be noted that any yachts giving the impression that they are only offering their yacht for charter as a means to facilitate the sale the yacht, or to assist in covering costs for the period the yacht is on the market for sale, will not be viewed favourably by agents. Charter agents who travel great distances to be able to assist their charter clients in choosing the correct yacht are not given to promoting yachts that are for sale, due to the risk that a yachts' changing hands can create problems for their clients.  All yacht owners are asked to be sympathetic to the concerns of our attending agents and only enter their yachts in the MYCS if they are genuinely promoting their yacht for the purpose of obtaining charter work.

Should it be necessary for emergency repair work to be carried out on the yacht, it is the captain’s responsibility to inform the MYCS committee members as soon as possible.  Under no circumstances will yachts be able to carry out any kind of routine maintenance during the course of the show. This will result in the yacht’s exclusion from the show and forfeiture of any fees paid.

The above rules and guidelines for participation have been created with the objective of raising the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show to such a level that it can be considered world class. In achieving this objective, we will not only benefit from higher levels of participation from agents, but will receive much deserved industry-wide recognition for the new heights of quality, finish and presentation to which charter yachts in Turkish waters have risen.

The Marmaris Yacht Charter Show's Organizing Committee will be overseeing all aspects of the show - especially with regard to the items given above.  Any complaints received from our visiting guests - our agents - will be kept for future reference as regarding evaluations of applicants.

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