After you determine what works before for the industry that you’re in, here are the best color options that would work best for your offices according to the best commercial painting company NY. Keep on reading to know more: 



Brown works like a charm in any space that needs to be strong and powerful. You can also choose to provide a nice warm feel to it by incorporating rich wood office furniture on it. Moreover, brown color in eggshell is a warm yet masculine color you can use.  

Light Blue or Teal 

Since teal is a mixture of green and blue, it can transform any working area into a productivity machine. Though be careful not to have too much of one color over the other. Also, the intensity and brightness are important for the effect that you want to achieve. 

Teal or light blue color shade goes perfectly in professional settings, such as a lawyer’s office. You can also try to opt for a soft teal with a hint of gray.  


Blue-grays can give a clean feel and can boost to a backdrop when it comes to the corporate world. This is the perfect color tone that’s not too moody yet gives off a professional vibe at the same time.  

Light Blue 

A light, soft blue color paint will help provide a peaceful aura and calm your surroundings. This is a great option for any private doctor’s office, particularly a specialist who always deals with nervous patients every day.  


Though white could be associated with clinics and hospital appearance, a soft off-white in an eggshell finish can help soften the appearance of pure white. Moreover, off-white is a color that can easily be designed and decorated around, provided its a clean yet warm appearance.  

If you want an office that similarly appears to true white and know that’s what you prefer, then off-white is the nearest color tone that won’t look too clinical for your office.  


A velvety, dark, and rich green is ideal for financial and healthcare industries. Going darker or brighter will change the mood of the room.  

Whenever you look at the green, take note of the way the light hits it. If you have many windows, lime green maybe a bit too blinding.  


Gray is in between white and black, which provides a neutral mood. Gray comes with various tones hues, and shades that potentially elicit different psyches. Though a classic gray can be an extremely subtle option, it can potentially make yourself, your clients, or employees feel a bit melancholy.  

Pastel Yellow 

If you are working in a creative field, pastel yellows can help your creativity juice flowing. This color is a soft version of yellow with a hint of gold, making it easier to accent with browns or whites.  

To help you pick the right color for you,